As of 2021, the BI market is valued at $15.7 billion. Business Intelligence drives the Digital acceleration of every Industry across the globe from startup to enterprise assisting in shifting the focus away from efficiency of delivery of data to technological centric approach to an intelligent business model to converting data into meaningful information.


Business Intelligence is a technology driven platform that leverages softwares and its services to collect, integrate, analyze and transform data into meaningful insights that organizations across globe to measure their performance seeking out competitive advantages and truly "listen to their customers" using data mining, analysis and statistics.

Soltvolt offers Business Intelligence Services for BI Dashboard Development, BI Implementation,BI Architecture Designing & Data Warehousing Solutions for Data Mining, Analysis, Migration Services, and Interactive Visualization enabling BI Strategy for ImprovingOrganization’s Decision Making, Real-Time Analytics, Forecasting trends and Analytics.

  • BI Migration & Development
  • BI Data visualization solutions
  • BI Consultation and Assessment
  • BI Comprehensive Database Support and Maintenance

Delivering End to End Bespoke Business Intelligence solutions

Automate your Business process through Softvolt expert’s

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s very own data visualization tool Unifies data to create interactive, immersive dashboards & reports to provide actionableinsights driving business results.Flawless implementation of Power BI and compatibility with Microsoft Azure, R languagebased visualization helps businesses to streamline their process, boost productivity and real time reporting .

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Qlik Sense

Import and aggregate data from varied sources to shape the raw data into trackable insights.Qlik Sense as a centrally managed self-service tool offers flexibility and ease of use solution without compromising on security. Users can create their own customized dashboards which draw on secure libraries and governeddata providing multiple points of insights to data.

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Leading BI tool presently with best visualization and analytical capabilities with a bespoke front-end UI. It comes with in-built analytics modules which can be used directly by theusers on their data allowing its users the ability to develop app objects, customize dynamic visuals, and distribute reports and documents as per their requirement.

Business intellegence services

Simplify your uncooked data into logical format with leading BI service provider

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BI Consulting

reportingExperienced softvolt’s BI consultants use operational systems founded on best practices to collect data as close to the source as possible, with quality control built into the data collection process. Once the data is collected in the operational database, it can be used in a ready to use format to the desired application of users choice.

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management services

Manage your data in an efficient way with us. We ensure that every stakeholderhas the right data at the right time to make rightful decisions and get maximum return on their investment.Weleverage the BI to turn raw uncooked data into actionable insights, rich visual reports, and interactive dashboards & bridging the gap between data and decision-making.

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Data visualization & reporting

Power your analytics and reporting capabilities with Softvolt.Data visualization helps businesses to understand the patterns andinsights of the data by transforming them into visual context through (pivot tables, line graphs, pie charts etc) allowing users to have a quick and detailed view of metrics and analytics.

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Get the maximum out of data with our streamlined integration processes incorporating everything from predictive analytics to reporting and operations management. Gain compelling insights into business and market with efficient data analysis and self-serve BI analytics in customizable forms from thefirst day.

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BI Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation helps businesses to achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry & technical expertise accelerating the quality and speed of development while avoiding the cost and time required for internal training, capacitybuilding and skill development.